Can International Relations and Comparative Politics Be Policy Relevant? Theory and Methods for Incorporating Political Context

Politics & Policy. 7 de octubre de 2015.

How might one bring international relations (IR) and comparative politics (CP) observations into the public policy (PP) literature´ s predominant intellectual framing of policy, in which the normal ana- lytical unit is a specific policy sector or type of regulatory institu- tion? This article offers a practical framework to incorporate IR and CP directly into PP analyses. We present theory and methods for composing carefully structured, multiyear, analytical policy sector histories, suitable for international and comparative PP analysis, par- ticularly when the research goal implies policy sector comparisons across wide variations of geography, culture, income, or historical epoch. Concretely, we propose two models, called the Leader State Framework in the case of international policy and the Varieties of Political Regimes Approach for policy at the national level, which should help policy analysts utilize important observations related to our disciplines