Number 1, May 2017.

Journal of Applied Economics

Man vs. machine: An investigation of speeding ticket disparities based on gender and race

Sarah Marx Quintanar

Triple penalty in employment access: The role of beauty, race, and sex

Francisco B. Galarza
Gustavo Yamada

Conventional views and asset prices: What to expect after times of extreme opinions

J. Daniel Aromí

Determinants of inflation differentials in the euro area: Is the New Keynesian Phillips Curve enough?

Sérgio Lagoa

The growth-inflation nexus for the U.S. from 1801 to 2013: A semiparametric approach

Mehmet Balcilar
Rangan Gupta
Charl Jooste

Romer was right on openness and inflation: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Faqin Lin
Dongzhou Mei
Huanhuan Wang
Xi Yao

Is gerontocracy harmful for growth? A comparative study of seven European countries

Vincenzo Atella
Lorenzo Carbonari

A DEA-logistics performance index

Luisa Martí
Juan Carlos Martín
Rosa Puertas

Imposing concavity and the null-jointness property on the production possibilities frontier in case of polluting technologies

Alexandre Repkine