Welcome to UCEMA!

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our University, and we hope to see you in Buenos Aires in the near future.

In the Academic Calendar you will find all the important dates for your exchange, beginning and ending of the semester, exam period and orientation days.

The orientation is mandatory for all exchange students who are new to UCEMA. The orientation will cover important information regarding academic and student issues, and practical tips for living in Buenos Aires.

We recommend you to arrive in Buenos Aires one or two weeks prior to the beginning of classes. The Orientation for International Students will take place a week before classes start.

We hope we see you soon!

Academic Calendar Nomination Deadline Orientation Days
1st Semester March 18 - August 2 October 30 2018 March 14 & 15
2dn Semester August 5 - December 27 April 15 2019 August 1 & 2
1st Quarter March 18 - June 7 October 30 2018 March 14 & 15
2nd Quarter June 17 - September 6 February 15 2019 June 13 & 14
3rd Quarter September 19 - December 6 May 15 2019 September 12 & 13


Online Aplication Form

In order to apply to study as an exchange student at UCEMA go through the following steps:

  1. Partner Universities must nominate their candidates by email to

  2. Partner Universities must submit the following documentation electronically for each one of their students, prior to the deadlines specified in the Academic Calendar:

  1. Application Form:

Students must fill out the online application form, print it and sign it.

The Home University should verify the information and sign it prior to sending to UCEMA a scanned copy of it.

  1. Course Preference: complete the online course form.

  2. Academic Transcript (Official transcript in English or Spanish)

  3. Copy of Passport (where your personal details and photo appear)

  4. Curriculum Vitae / Resumé.

  5. Jpeg. passport Photo.

  6. Statement of Purpose (maximum one page in length) detailing their academic goals and reasons for participating in the exchange program.

  7. Proof of Spanish Language Proficiency (only for candidates interested in Classes taught in Spanish, if first language is not Spanish)


Courses at UCEMA are offered in Spanish so students should have a working knowledge of the Spanish Language prior to the beginning of classes (upper intermediate level).

Courses taught in English: The MBA program offers 4 courses taught in English and the MAF (Master in Finance) program offers 2 courses in English during the 3rd Quarter. Only Graduate Students can apply to those courses.

Exchange students can register in a minimum of 2 classes and up to a maximum of 4 (per semester / quarter) from the following programs:

Undergraduate students

Economics | Political Science | Business Administration | International Relations | Marketing | Computer Engineering | Public Accountant | Law

Before making a final decision regarding the courses to take, all undergraduate students are free to attend different courses during the first two weeks of classes. This is the “two-week drop-add period”; it is possible to switch on and off classes during these two weeks.

List of available undergraduate courses:

• 1st semester (March – July) LINK

• 2nd semester (August – December) LINK

Graduate students

MBA |Master in Agribusiness | Master in Finance | Master in Political Science | Master in Economics | Master in International Studies

List of available graduate courses:

• 1st quarter (March – June) LINK

• 2nd quarter (June – September) LINK

• 3rd quarter (September – December) LINK


For completing their enrolment to UCEMA’s International Programs, exchange students must send a copy of the Health Insurance with coverage for Argentina valid during the whole period they will study at UCEMA.

They must submit proof of this requirement once they are admitted to UCEMA and prior to their arrival to Argentina.


Once the student has completed the application, it will be individually and thoroughly reviewed by our Admissions Committee. Candidates meeting our entrance criteria will receive a Letter of Acceptance to the Universidad del CEMA Exchange Program. Students will be able to use this letter as supporting documentation at their home university, and for immigration purposes. It will also be accompanied by detailed information about how and where process either the residence permits or student visa according to the student’s country of birth.


Residence Permits Student Visas

The Argentine Immigrations Authority requires for you to have a valid passport for the entire duration of your studies in Argentina.

Furthermore, it is compulsory for citizens of any country to obtain either a student visa or a residence permit to study in Argentina. Your country of birth will determine which immigration process you should do:

1. If you were born in one of the countries whose natives need a residence permit you will enter Argentina as a tourist and then be required to obtain a residence permit within 30 days of the beginning of classes.

2. If you were born in one of the countries whose natives need a student visa you will be required to obtain a student visa in your country of residence before entering Argentina. You will not be allowed to study under a tourist visa.

Summarizing, foreign students with a tourist visa are not allowed to study in Argentina. According to their country of birth, they are required to apply for either a student visa or residence permit. They must submit a photocopy of their student visa or residence permit as a requirement to study in the UCEMA. Otherwise, it is not possible to proceed with the courses registration.