Our Impact

Our Impact on Public Policy

Some of the founders and original research staff of UCEMA played a leading role in the design and implementation of the economic policies that led to Argentina’s extraordinary combination of low inflation and high economic growth during the 1990s.

Orlando Ferreres was appointed Vice Minister of Economy in 1989. In 1991 Dr. Fernández took leave of absence from CEMA and was appointed president of the Central Bank. From 1996 until 1999 he was Argentina’s Minister of Economy. During his tenure at the ministry, Dr. Rodríguez served as his key advisor, and another member of our faculty, Pablo Guidotti (PhD in economics, University of Chicago) served as Deputy Minister of Economy.

Pedro Pou and Martin Lagos, the first members of CEMA’s Board, served respectively as President and Vice President of the Central Bank from 1996 until 2001. Aquiles Almansi (MAE’81), another professor of UCEMA, was a member of the Board of Governors of the Central Bank from 1998 until 2000.

José Luis Espert, a graduate (MAE’89, Phd in Economics’20) and member of our faculty, founded the DESPERTAR Alliance, a center right coalition, and was elected as its presidential candidate in Argentina’s October 2019 elections.