Our Students and Degrees

Our Students

We have a diverse student body that includes 715 undergraduates and 969 postgraduate’s students from all over Argentina, 42% come from eighteen different provinces. We also have students from several Latin American countries, Europe and Asia.

UCEMA has Student Exchange partnerships with more than 50 universities worldwide.

Under this program, we receive every year more than 100 students from abroad, and about 40 UCEMA students travel to attend International Universities.

We have an extensive financial aid program for underprivileged students. Approximately 68% of our undergraduate students have full or half scholarships and 81% of our postgraduate students receive some form of financial aid.

Our Degrees

We offer our undergraduate and graduate students cutting edge scientific knowledge and training in business, applied economics, politics, economic policy, finance and engineering.

We strive to instill in our students an independent and critical spirit and a worldview places a high priority on individual freedom and responsibility.

At the undergraduate level our offering includes degrees in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Digital Business, Business Analytics, Marketing, Accounting, Computer Engineering, Law, Political Science and International Relations.

We also offer six graduate degrees –MBA, Finance (MAF), Economics (MAE), Agribusiness (MAAB), Project Evaluation (MAPE) and International Studies (MAIS)– two specializations –Finance and Project Management– and doctorates in Business Administration (DBA), Finance (DF) and Economics (DE).

All of our post-graduate and specialization degrees are accredited in Argentina. In addition, the MBA Program has been accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), a London based global organization founded in 1967 that provides international business school accreditation according to highest quality standards.

In 2019 UCEMA’s Finance Department reached an agreement with Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM), a prestigious New York based educational institution founded by Attilio Meucci. ARPM is a pioneer in risk management and portfolio management, and dedicated to promoting quantitative finance education with a focus on asset management, banking, and insurance. The agreement allows our students in the MAF program to take the ARPM Bootcamp as an optional course.