JILAEE Visitors at Buenos Aires: Andy Brownback | Seminar Series

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Andy Brownback
JILAEE Visitors at Buenos Aires:  Andy Brownback | Seminar Series

The seminar will be in english.

JILAEE invites you to a seminar on Friday, September 23rd, 2022 at 11am ART/ 9am CT presented by Andy Brownback from University of Arkansas. The seminar is going to be hybrid so you can either join us in person at UCEMA’s building: Reconquista 775, CABA, Argentina or online on ZOOM.

Andy is visiting JILAEE until December 16th, 2022 and he’ll will be working to develop his portfolio of projects exploring education and public policy through controlled experiments. His specific research areas will include education-technology interventions and vocational training programs.

In this opportunity, he will present his paper titled: “Inference from Biased Polls” You’ll be able to read an abstract and the complete paper HERE

Andy Brownback

Associate professor of economics at the University of Arkansas specializing in behavioral and experimental economics. He uses laboratory, field, and online experiments to study questions about education and public policy. ​

Originally from Kansas, he received his bachelor's degree from Kansas State University. Before joining the faculty at the University of Arkansas, He studied economics at UC San Diego. ​