UCEMA Friedman Hayek Center for the Study of a Free Society

The UCEMA Friedman Hayek Center for the Study of a Free Society was born with the purpose of housing and promoting the study of all the facets that make a society in which freedom, with responsibility is an unrenounceable principle.

The Center will be interdisciplinary, will have a specifically academic character, and the only requirement to form part of it will consist in having the highest degree in an area of science and communing with the founding objective.

Political science, economics, history, philosophy and culture, among others, will meet in this space to continue with the guiding principle that has characterized the University since its origin: to promote academic debate with the greatest rigor, within a framework of absolute freedom of thought.

Since July 2021, UCEMA Friedman Hayek Center
is partner of Atlas Network
Atlas Network
Cátedra Naumann

Naumann Chair

The Naumann Chair began its sessions in May 2020, and was founded as a space of reflection generated by Ucema and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom...

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Foro de la Libertad

The UCEMA Freedom Forum

With the aim of generating a space for debate more within our home, in the challenging times we are living in, UCEMA opened at 2020 the Freedom Forum, a virtual space designed for rotating groups of intellectuals...

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Cátedra Lord Acton

Lord Acton Chair

The Lord Acton Chair is a joint initiative between Acton Institute USA and UCEMA, initiated in September 2020, under the coordination of Alejandro Chafuen (Ph.D.), Managing Director International Acton USA.

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Ciclo de Seminarios Historia y Libertad

History and Freedom Seminar

The objective of the History and Freedom seminar is to create a space for presenting, analyzing and debating topics...

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Seminario de Libertad Educativa

Educational Freedom Seminar

The purpose of the Seminar is to create a space for the presentation of works, analysis and discussion with regard to the right of families to decide...

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Seminario Friedman Hayek

Seminar for the Study of a Free Society

This seminar will be a true reflection of this. In it, researchers of the Center will give monthly conferences in order to promote academic debate with the greatest rigor...

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Workshop Friedman Hayek

UCEMA Friedman Hayek Center Monthly Workshop

Starting in July 2021, a closed workshop will be held every month, with the participation exclusively of the Center's Researchers and Research Assistants...

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