Fifth edition of the Freedom Forum


On May 23, the fifth session of the UCEMA Freedom Forum will be held. The UCEMA Freedom Forum is a virtual space designed for rotating groups of intellectuals to debate diverse and transcendental issues, escaping from the classic debate around the current situation which prevents long-term thinking. The meeting will be held under the title "Responsabilidad Social Empresaria" (Corporate Social Responsibility).

As always, the forum will be coordinated by the committee formed by Alberto Benegas Lynch (h), Julio Elías, Martín Krause and Edgardo Zablotsky, who will also participate in the sessions. The moderator will be Dr. Zablotsky, in his capacity as President of UCEMA. As for the guests, this session of the Forum will include the participation of Enrique Ghersi, Bertie Benegas Lynch, Wenceslao Giménez Bonet, Luisa Montuschi, and Andrés Bellido.

The sessions are closed, by invitation only, they will take place in the Zoom platform and will not be recorded in order to guarantee the free exchange of ideas among the participants.



Enrique Ghersi

Lawyer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, where he also studied a Master´s Degree in Civil Law. He studied for a Doctorate in Law and a Doctorate in Philosophy at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He received an Horary Doctorate in Social Sciences from the Francisco Marroquin University (Guatemala) for his “dedication and devotion to the noble cause of freedom and the rule of reason”. He is Visiting Professor at the Francisco Marroquin University (Guatemala), honorary professor at the Universidad Laica Vicente Rocafuerte (Guayaquil) and visiting professor at the Higher School of Economics and Business Administration (Buenos Aires). He is member of the Mont Pelerin Society and Adjunct Academic of the Cato Institute (Washington DC).

Bertie Benegas Lynch

Master in Economics and Business Administration, ESEADE. General Director at Universia Argentina. Columnist of economic sections in Ámbito Financiero, The Independent Institute, Infobae and La Prensa.

Wenceslao Giménez Bonet

Doctor in Business and Economic Sciences from the University of Navarra, Spain, and Bachelor in Economics from the UBA. He works professionally as Director of CMT Group, is editor of the magazine Libertas Segunda Época, participates in thesis juries, Liberty Fund colloquiums and is also an agricultural producer. Previously, he has served as Academic Vice chancellor UCAECE in Argentina, Dean of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala, university professor at ESEADE Argentina, UFM in Guatemala and in SMC Switzerland.

Luisa Montuschi

She obtained her doctorate in Economic Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. She is a full member of the National Academy of Economic Sciences and since 2013 she has held the position of President of the Institution where she was also associate director of its Institute of Applied Economics. She has been Principal Investigator at CONICET and Full Professor and Researcher at CEMA University. At the same university she has held the position of Vice Chancellor and directs the Doctorate in Business Administration. She has been President of the Argentine Association of Political Economy, member of the Latin American Standing Committee of the Econometric Society and member of the Council of the International Economic Association. She has obtained professional and academic distinctions.

Andrés Belido

He has a Degree in Philosophy from the National University of the South, Expert in Educational Technology from the National Technological University and Doctor in Philosophy from the National University of the South. Has been a scholarship holder of ERASMUS-MUNDOS, of the DAAD and of the Santander Foundation. He was assistant professor of “History of Contemporary Philosophy”. He is currently Academic Assistant Secretary at CEMA University, where he is also a full professor. He is an adjunct professor of “Ethics and Applied Philosophy” at the Universidad de la Defensa and Head of practical work at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires.


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