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Hints and unknowns about human flourishing

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Walter Castro
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In this work it is understood, paraphrasing José Ortega y Gasset (1957), that man can be humanized, but the tiger can never "become tabby". This conceptualization of human flourishing would apply to an individual, beyond biological issues, and to the whole social order, depending on a certain class of results. However, the proposed hypothesis maintains that this concept deserves, in the absence of an adequate definition and satisfactory precision, to be presented in a negative sense, just as darkness is explained by the absence of light or freedom as the absence of coercion. In a similar sense, as Friedrich Hayek (1976) presents justice in a provisional sense, as something that is discovered by detecting and defining what is considered unfair. With the same criteria then, in this essay the human flourishing could be revealed with the help of the analysis of the causes and the elements that would spoil it. 

Walter Castro
Walter Castro

Walter Castro is a Doctor and Master in Economics from the ESEADE University Institute. Master in Business Administration from CEMA University. National Public Accountant from the National University of Rosario (UNR). Tenured professor of Undergraduate and degrees at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina (UCA Rosario). Having already served more than 25 years in specialized journalism, he currently conducts his daily radio program “El Regreso” (Return) on Fisherton CNN -now CNN Radio Rosario-, and participates weekly as economic columnist for a television program broadcast by Cablevisión. Since 1992 he is Founding Partner of “Castro y Fernández”, a consulting firm specialized in advising and reengineering business companies. He was a Founding Member of the Tax Studies Forum and a Member of the Society of Ethical Studies of Rosario. He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society and the Adam Smith Society. He is Visiting Professor at the Francisco Marroquín University of Guatemala in its Public Choice Chair, and Guest Professor at the Institutions Chair of the Master in Economics at the OMMA Center for Higher Studies (Madrid, Spain). He is a Professor at Cato University and Director and participant of the Liberty Fund Colloquia.

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