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NBER Working Papers sobre Economía de la Creatividad de David Galenson.

May 2010: Understanding Creativity. w16024

April 2010:  Innovators: Filmmakers. w15930

March 2010: Late Bloomers in the Arts and Sciences: Answers and Questions. w15838

January 2010:  Innovators: Architects. w15661

November 2009:  Innovators: Songwriters. w15511

August 2009: The Greatest Photographers of the
Twentieth Century
. w15278

June 2009: Conceptual Revolutions in
Twentieth-Century Art
. w15073

July 2008: The Greatest Architects of the Twentieth
Century: Goals, Methods, and Life Cycles
. w14182

June 2008: From the New Wave to the New Hollywood:
The Life Cycles of Important Movie Directors from Godard and Truffaut to
Spielberg and Eastwood
 with Joshua Kotin:

The Back Story of Twentieth-Century Art. w14066

May 2008: The Globalization of Advanced Art in the
Twentieth Century
. w14005

April 2008: Portraits of the Artist: Personal Visual
Art in the Twentieth Century
. w13939

March 2008: Language in Visual Art: The Twentieth
. w13845

January 2008: The Rise and (Partial) Fall of Abstract
Painting in the Twentieth Century
. w13744

October 2007:  Co-Authoring Advanced Art. w13484

September 2007: Artists and the Market: From Leonardo and
Titian to Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst
. w13377

August 2007: From "White Christmas" to Sgt. Pepper: The
Conceptual Revolution in Popular Music

June 2007: Wisdom and Creativity in Old Age: Lessons
from the Impressionists
. w13190

February 2007: Who Were the Greatest Women Artists of
the Twentieth Century? A Quantitative Investigation
. w12928

December 2006: Painting by Proxy: The Conceptual Artist
as Manufacturer
. w12714

October 2006: You Cannot be Serious: The Conceptual
Innovator as Trickster
. w12599

August 2006: A Conceptual World: Why the Art of the
Twentieth Century is So Different From the Art of All Earlier Centuries
. w12499

Two Paths to Abstract Art: Kandinsky and
. w12403

May 2006: Analyzing Artistic Innovation: The
Greatest Breakthroughs of the Twentieth Century
. w12185

February 2006: The Most Important Works of Art of the
Twentieth Century
. w12058

And Now for Something Completely
Different: The Versatility of Conceptual Innovators
. w12034

December 2005: The Greatest Artists of the Twentieth
. w11899

November 2005: Creative Careers: The Life Cycles of
Nobel Laureates in Economics
 with Bruce A. Weinberg:

October 2005: Do the Young British Artists Rule (or:
Has London Stolen the Idea of Postmodern Art from New York?): Evidence from the
Auction Market
. w11715

Who Are the Greatest Living Artists? The View from
the Auction Market
. w11644

August 2005: The Methods and Careers of Leading American
Painters in the late Nineteenth Century
. w11545

Toward Abstraction: Ranking European
Painters of the Early Twentieth Century
. w11501

July 2005: Filming Images or Filming Reality: The
Life Cycles of Movie Directors from D.W. Griffith to Federico Fellini

with Joshua Kotin:

February 2005: Anticipating Artistic Success (or, How to
Beat the Art Market): Lessons from History
. w11152

November 2004: One Hit Wonders: Why Some of the Most
Important Works of Modern Art are Not by Important Artists
. w10885

May 2004: A Portrait of the Artist as a Very Young
or Very Old Innovator: Creativity at the Extremes of the Life Cycle
. w10515

January 2004: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young or
Old Innovator: Measuring the Careers of Modern Novelists
. w10213

September 2003: The Reappearing Masterpiece: Ranking
American Artists and Art Works of the Late Twentieth Century
. w9935

July 2003: Literary Life Cycles: The Careers of
Modern American Poets
. w9856

March 2003: The Life Cycles of Modern Artists:
Theory, Measurement, and Implications
. w9539

September 2002: The New York School vs. the School of
Paris: Who Really Made the Most Important Art After World War II?
. w9149

August 2002: Careers and Canvases: The Rise of the
Market for Modern Art in the Nineteenth Century
 with Robert Jensen:

March 2002: Was Jackson Pollock the Greatest Modern
American Painter? A Quantitative Investigation
. w8830

February 2002: The Life Cycles of Modern Artists. w8779

October 2001: Masterpieces and Markets: Why the Most
Famous Modern Paintings Are Not by American Artists
. w8549

July 2001: Young Geniuses and Old Masters: The Life
Cycles of Great Artists from Masaccio to Jasper Johns
 with Robert Jensen:

May 2001: Measuring Masters and Masterpieces:
French Rankings of French Painters and Paintings from Realism to Surrealism
 with Martin Bruegel: w8266

October 1999: Quantifying Artistic Success: Ranking
French Painters - and Paintings - from Impressionism to Cubism
. w7407

May 1999: Age and the Quality of Work: The Case of
Modern American Painters
 with Bruce A. Weinberg:

January 1999: The Lives of the Painters of Modern Life:
The Careers of Artists in France from Impressionism to Cubism
. w6888

December 1997: The Careers of Modern Artists: Evidence
from Auctions of Contemporary Paintings.