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PhD Jean Michael Moutot, Dr. Lucas Canga
 Agile and Change Management | MBA Global Net
PhD Jean Michael Moutot

Professor in Audencia Business School of Nantes, Francia and co-founder of Consultora Datiss.

“Agile and Change Management”

From change management to transformation: historical perspective of methodological approaches to change organizations

Dr. Lucas Canga

Lucas is Director of the Postgrado in Neuromanagent UCEMA

“Leading changes with the brain "in mind"

This lecture focuses on applying neuroscience to organizational and managerial contexts, observing its possible applications, present and future potentials, and highlighting the possible criticalities of using neuroscientific paradigms and techniques applied to the change management field. The first part of the class aims to offer an overview of how the adoption of an approach and a “neuroscientific mentality” allows to analyze and promote a change, with a view to the promotion of some fundamental components in the organizational context, such as leadership, motivation, and stress management. In particular, each of these components is observed through a neuroscientific perspective to offer elements for the promotion of a change culture in the workplace.

In addition to highlighting the impact and effectiveness of some neuroscientific paradigms, the second part of the class highlights the impact of technological developments, such as distance learning in the workplace, technology aplplications, from a neuroscientific point of view. Therefore, this lecture aims to provide a broad overview of how neuroscience within the organizational context allows to fully explore individuals’ behavior by “modifying” it to promote well-being, functional management of stress, and promote a generative climate and encourage trust.