Does sustainable recruitment enhance motivation? A cross-country analysis on the role of person-organization fit

Fernando Troilo; Adolfo Carballo-Penela; Emilio Ruzo-Sanmartín; Romina García-Chas
Publicado en
Sustainable Development Journal

This paper analyses the extent to which implementing sustainable recruitment practices (SRP) relates to person-organization (P-O) fit and motivation. We also examined the extent to which the collectivism and masculinity dimensions of national culture moderate the relationship between SRP and P-O fit. Drawing on the attraction-selection-attrition framework, social identity theory and stakeholder theory, the proposed hypotheses were tested in a sample of 534 prospective employees from four countries with different cultural contexts. An experimental design was used to test the proposed relationships. The obtained findings highlight the mediating role of P-O fit in the relationship between SRP and motivation. Collectivism and masculinity moderate the relationship between SRP and P-O fit. We contribute to prior research by demonstrating a link between perceptions of environmental and social sustainability and motivation, and the consideration of different countries allowed us to underline the role of national context when examining the impact of SRP.

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