El futuro del rol de Recursos Humanos

Fernando Troilo
Publicado en
Esic Market
ISSN: 0212-1867

Objective and interest of the work: The objective of this research was to describe the role of the human resources function towards the future of organizations. This is relevant in a complex environment that demands adequate management of people, to face organiza-tional challenges and ensure competitiveness.Methodology design: To meet the objective of the research, a qualitative approach was implemented by conducting interviews with general managers and human resources directors, in order to obtain the opinions and visions from the business leadership and the function itself on the future of the human resources area.Results: The findings show that the future role of human resources area will be fundamen-tally related to managing cultural transformations, ensuring the necessary talent, taking care of people's health and well-being, incorporating technology and generating agility in organizations.Practical implications: The results evidenced the need to rethink the human capital area and redesign its practices, keeping the focus on both the business and the people.


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