Autocracies, old and new

In Venezuela, torture is a state policy

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Antoni Vegas, Diannet Blanco y Dylan Canache
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El Helicoide is a prison in Caracas where the Chavista regime has detained and tortured thousands of Venezuelans, only for the 'crime' of thinking differently. In this conference we will listen to three personal and political stories that remind us of the living tragedy of a dictatorial regime.

Antoni Vegas

Antoni Vegas has been a political prisoner in El Helicoide, the Chavista torture prison in Caracas. He is a student of Legal and Political Sciences at the Central University of Venezuela. He is an activist-defender of Human Rights. A social worker and political leader of Voluntad Popular, he is responsible for a political parish in Caracas and also president of the "Tus panas sobre ruedas" Foundation. He earns his living working as a mototaxi and is a lover of hip hop culture.

Diannet Blanco

Diannet Blanco is a Venezuelan educator who was imprisoned for a year and 12 days in 'El Helicoide'. Sometimes she feels as if his SEBIN cell had been changed for a bigger one. Through working in the communities, she found the way to continue fighting in Venezuela, hand in hand with an organization like PROVEA. She teaches workshops on Human Rights. Her husband is still detained in a jail for political reasons.

Dylan Canache

Dylan Canache was one of the minors detained as a political prisoner in El Helicoide in 2018. Skater, entrepreneur and lover of sneakers.

Victor Herrero

Victor Herrero is a former Venezuelan political prisoner. He has created "Reality Helicoide", a virtual experience where the suffering and horror of daily life in the Chavista prison can be understood.

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